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May 31, 2017

GPS Tracking and Mobile Tech: The Future of Supply Chain Innovation

As supply chain, logistics, and shipping companies move from early adopters of technology towards a more open and embracing climate, GPS tracking and mobile technology solutions are becoming more of a viable security component than ever before.


This comes as a direct result of the improvement of communication technology and the rapid growth rate of the smartphone, a device that now dominates modern society. Shipping managers, asset protection officers, and security personnel today are more inclined to include new smartphone-based security software and applications within their protocols. This response is due to the increased value that these devices offer to their loss management programs.


As longtime experts in the security solutions industry, the leaders at CSS recognized this growing trend early, and partnered with Starcom Systems to bring GPS tracking devices to the goods-in-transit and asset monitoring markets. 


Growth in Mobile Solutions


Over 60% of online searches are conducted on a smartphone and a vast majority of social media browsing all takes place in a mobile environment as well. This is a clear indication that mobile device usage is not only growing exponentially, it’s taking over.


The progression towards mobile devices is not just affecting consumer markets, it is also gaining traction on the business-to-business side of the coin.




CSS President Brian Lyle believes mobile technology will play a large part in the development of the supply chain landscape moving forward.


According to Lyle, “CSS’ decision to partner with Starcom Systems was based on our customers’ direct interest in GPS tracking technology. We see where the future of supply chain security is heading and GPS tracking and mobile technology are front and center of that future.”


The Helios, which is available through Cambridge Security Seals, provides security solutions that meet every fleet manager's or driver’s needs by allowing them to configure custom alerts which are received in real-time. The notifications can be delivered right to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.



In addition to the Helios, CSS offer the Tetis, a sophisticated tracking system designed for the purpose of monitoring and tracking dry and reefer containers. Information about the container’s location, condition, and temperature are presented in real-time through notifications via email or text message.


tetis.jpgCompetitive Applications Market


Not all supply chain technology will be hardware, and the industry can expect that an innovative applications market will continue to emerge. Various development platforms allow for great versatility in app development, and each day new dynamic security and supply chain apps are being introduced to the market.


Olympia Tracking, from Starcom Solutions, can be integrated with a company’s products and provides a fast and user-friendly way to keep track of assets whenever a computer is unavailable – anywhere, and at any time. Whether employees are in the office or travelling, businesses can stay in control through the devices in the palms of their employees' hands.


Scandit is a high-quality barcode scanning app that works with smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. It is optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows, and can help improve an organization's asset tracking and delivery efficiency.




J. J. Keller® Encompass® with ELogs fleet management system helps companies meet the federally required mandate to track their drivers' hours of service using an Electronic Logging Device (ELD).  With J. J. Keller ELDs, drivers have less paperwork, and operations can monitor available driver hours and driver location, helping fleets improve work flow efficiency and deliver better customer service. Plus, the cloud-based back office provides compliance tools to help companies manage driver qualification, alcohol and drug testing, as well as vehicle maintenance. 


A Glimpse of Things to Come


Right now technology is everywhere. CSS predicts that the next few years will prove to be even more exciting, as new hardware and software applications are developed and launched. These new technologies serve to both enhance efficiency and dramatically improve security. CSS will be there to provide the solutions needed to meet the demands of the evolving market.


For more information on security solutions, contact us through our site form or view our full GPS tracking catalog.