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October 27, 2023

Ensuring Food Safety: The Vital Role of Security Seals in Traceability

With the ever-increasing global demand for consumables, food suppliers face challenges related to tampering, contamination, and regulatory compliance. The FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint, a groundbreaking industry-wide initiative, set out to reduce foodborne illnesses. Central to this initiative is tech-enabled traceability, where high-quality, uniquely coded, and scannable security seals play a pivotal role in ensuring transparency and security throughout the supply chain.

Preserving Freshness and Quality

The journey from farm to fork is a critical one for food products. Security seals offer a reliable means of preserving the freshness and quality of goods by providing an extra layer of protection against tampering during transit. Let’s take a look at some of the seal options that are proven to be effective for food shipping, logistics, and overall supply chain.

  • CSS High Security Metal Bolt Seal (MBS) is ISO 17712-certified and CTPAT-compliant. This metal bolt seal features a carbon steel metal body and ABS plastic coating for tamper evident visibility. This blue, yellow, or white seal can be your canary in a coal mine, indicating any opening incident or risk of contamination; the body and bolt are laser etched with matching numbers for security.

  • CSS Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seals (HPT) is an adjustable tamper-evident seal, available in four versatile lengths: 9”, 12”, 15”, and 18”. CSS offers unmatched customization options for each of its seals, including logos, printed details, variable numbering, and barcodes.

  • CSS Plastic Truck Seal (PTS) is available in four versatile lengths: 7.5”, 9”, 12”, and 15”. A fixed plastic seal of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this plastic truck seal is one of the most popular seals, a best seller for sealing transportation equipment while boasting the shortest industry lead times. 

  • CSS Fixed Length Seal (FLS) is available in four versatile lengths: 9.00", 12.00", 15.00", and 18.00". It’s the perfect alternative to a traditional plastic or metal truck seal. It provides the same strength and single locking position as these other seals yet offers two benefits. First, the thin diameter of the FLS strap allows you to secure items where a traditional truck seal won’t fit. Second, the tab of the FLS allows for easy barcode scanning.

  • CSS Medium Pull Tight (MPT) is available in 6”, 8”, and 10” lengths; blue, red, green colors; with or without tear-off. It comes with sequential numbering. It can be used to secure storage cabinets, totes, boxes, vehicle doors, airline catering carts, emergency equipment, life vests, narcotics boxes, medical cabinets, and more.

  • CSS Standard and Specialized Cable Seals hold diameters spanning from 1mm to 5mm. Among these, our 3.5mm and 5mm metal seals not only comply with C-TPAT standards but also hold the esteemed "High-Security Seal" designation as defined by ISO 17712. Like most CSS seals, you have the flexibility to choose from a diverse array of colors, barcoding, and other customizable features.

  • CSS Straplock is engineered with polystyrene, laser-printed indelible ink and barcode, logo, name is possible, allowing for enhanced security of pallets. F7000 fits for straps 6-12mm. F7115 fits for straps 12-19mm.

Preventing Contamination

Food safety regulations are stringent, and rightfully so. Security seals act as a deterrent against unauthorized access, reducing the risk of contamination from external sources. This is particularly vital for perishable goods.

Tech-Enabled Traceability: A Cornerstone of Food Safety

The FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint emphasizes the critical importance of traceability in safeguarding the integrity of the food supply chain. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, the industry aims to revolutionize the way we track and monitor food products from production to consumption. This initiative is set to usher in a new era of enhanced safety and consumer trust.

Security Seals: Guardians of Food Integrity

Within this framework of enhanced traceability, security seals emerge as indispensable tools. These seals act as an extra layer of protection, deterring unauthorized access and potential tampering. By incorporating high-quality, uniquely coded, and easily scannable security seals into the supply chain, food suppliers can bolster their commitment to safety and quality assurance.

The Dairy Industry: High-Stakes Compliance

Among the sectors subject to stringent protocols, the dairy industry stands out. Governing the handling, processing, storage, and transportation of milk products, this high-risk supply chain demands meticulous attention to detail. Security seals are instrumental in upholding these rigorous standards, providing an additional level of assurance that dairy products reach consumers untainted and secure.

Cambridge Security Seals: A Trusted Partner

Cambridge Security Seals, a leading US-based manufacturer, takes pride in producing a diverse range of fully customizable and custom-coded seals. From one-time use plastic seals to tamper-indicative metal seals, and high-security cable seals, to reusable, digital solutions with Bluetooth-enabled data transfer, Cambridge Security Seals offers a comprehensive suite of options to meet the needs of the dairy and food industries.

Trusted by America's Top Food Manufacturers and the Finest Dairy Producers

Cambridge Security Seals is the trusted partner of choice for some of America's most renowned food manufacturers and producers. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we stand ready to address your questions and challenges. Our service promise incorporates care, agility, enthusiasm, and industry expertise, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your expectations. Likewise, you’ll find we check multiple boxes for traceability, sustainability, and data integrity.

As the food industry embraces a new era of smarter food safety, security seals are poised to play a vital role in ensuring traceability, transparency, and integrity. With Cambridge Security Seals as your partner, you can be confident in your ability to meet the stringent demands of the dairy industry and uphold the highest standards of safety and quality. 

Experience the difference of working with a trusted industry leader. Contact us today.

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