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September 20, 2023

Drugstore Manages Truck Seals More Efficiently Using CSS Electronic Solution

Cambridge Security Seals Truck Seals Drugstore Chain Case StudyOverview:

One of America’s largest drugstore chains, with more than 5,000 retail locations, transports merchandise in a high-security closed-loop distribution system via a private fleet of trucks. Each day, hundreds of trucks depart from dozens of distribution centers to deliver and retrieve merchandise on multiple stop routes.

Critical to the security program is a triple layer of tamper-evident protection, which includes security bags and tamper-evident carton tape, plastic indicative pull-tight tote seals, and truck seals.


Historically, the company would connect a plastic seal before each truck’s departure, recording the seal’s unique number in on the shipment paperwork. Upon arrival, before breaking the seal, the receiving manager would confirm the number, assuring the secured chain of custody. The time-consuming expense of logging of the date and time at each stop along the route and the costs and logistics of stocking and replacing uniquely numbered seals at each location were too high to ignore.


The company’s longtime security seals supplier, Cambridge Security Seals, responded by permanently mounting its exclusive MANTA electronic security seal on each of the truck’s loading doors.


MANTA electronic security seal | Cambridge Security Seals

Here's a look at our MANTA Electronic Security Seal


The reusable MANTA generates a random unique number each time it is sealed, and electronically records the time and date for each sealing and unsealing to provide a complete and accurate audit trail. With a 100-event memory and infrared downloading capabilities, CSS’s MANTA eliminated the seal stocking requirements, improved the accuracy of the audit trail, and reduced the time, effort, and expense required to ensure the validity of the high-security closed-loop distribution system.

Because of the high risk involved in moving prescription drugs, the FDA demands seal-to-seal traceability, and this digital solution is perfect.

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